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Hate crimes add an element of bias to traditional crimes—and the mixture is toxic to our
Crimes of hatred and prejudice—from lynchings to cross burnings to vandalism of
synagogues—are a sad fact of American history, but the term “hate crime” did not enter
the nation’s vocabulary until the 1980s, when emerging hate groups like the Skinheads
launched a wave of bias-related crime. The FBI began investigating what we now call
hate crimes as far back as World War I, when the Ku Klux Klan first attracted our
attention. Today, we remain dedicated to working with state and local partners to
prevent these crimes and to bring to justice those who commit them.
Report Hate Crime F.B.I
What to do following an incident

If you have been victimized in a hate crime or hate incident, here are some suggestions
for things you should immediately do:

In an emergency, dial 911, 0, or the emergency number in your area.
Get medical attention for any injuries.
Call the police as soon after the incident as possible. You may be eligible for financial
compensation for damages.
Get the responding officer's name and badge number.
Write down all details of the crime as quickly as possible after the reporting.
If you saw the perpetrator(s), try to remember gender, age, height, race, weight, build,
clothes and other distinguishing characteristics. If anything was said, such as anti-gay
epithets or threats, make a mental note about them.
Carefully preserve any evidence, such as notes, clothing, graffiti, tape recordings,
fingerprints, etc. Take photographs of any injuries and of the location where the
incident occurred.
If you want the crime to be reported as a hate/bias crime, tell the officer to note that on
the report.
Make sure the officer files an incident report form and assigns a case number.
If the police do not assist you properly, file a complaint and contact LAMBDA
If a police report is not taken at the time of your report, go to the police station and ask
for one. Always get your own copy.
Contact your local GLBT community center, P-FLAG, the HATE-CRIME NETWORK, or
the Hate Crime National Hotline (206-350-4283) for assistance & information -- even if
you choose not to contact the police.  Contact your District Attorney's office or police
department's victim services unit.
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