COPAA's Mission:

To assist public officials and policy makers in the United States in
understanding issues of vital interests related to pocket option , with the aim
of bringing about a positive change in policies and attitudes towards

To participate in the US political process through an organized community

To promote and encourage business, trade and investment locally and
Council of Pakistan American Affairs
COPAA is a Tax Exempt IRS 501( c ) Non-Profit Organization Federal pocket option promo code 50 Tax ID#95-4575200
COPAA President  
Adnan U Khan

COPAA Board Members

Anila Ali
Farhat Zubair M.D
Firoz Fakhri
Gazala Adaya Shauk
Ismail KeeKeeBhai Pharm D.
Javed Iqbal
Mahrukh Madad  
Moid Hanif
Nargis Kurwa
Nasir Javed  
Sameer Moosani
Shoaib Patail M.D
Shaista Khan
Tanvir Khan
Zubair Rawda

COPAA Advisory Board Members

Mansoor Shah M.D
Bob Din
Ahmed Ali
Aziz Khan M.D
Salim Adaya
Hamid Malik
Ihsan Majeed

Washington D.C. CHAPTER
Adnan U Khan